Superintendent of Virginia Beach City Public Schools 
Principal of Princess Anne High School 
Assistant Principal at Princess Anne High School in charge of Fine Arts
Princess Anne High School Director of Bands 
Instructional Staff/President of the MCPA 
Chaperone Coordinator 
Senior Drum Major 
Senior Field Captain 
Junior Drum Major 
Junior Field Captain 
Field Lieutenants
Section Lieutenants
Section Leaders 
FMC Student Membership 
Princess Anne High School Membership  
(This means at performances, at rehearsals, on trips, or anywhere else where we are as a team, the team comes first.  Non-members will be separated from the Student Membership and do not share the same rights/privileges of our team, including wearing FMC gear (t-shirts, sweat shirts, letter jackets, etcetera).  This is not meant to be demeaning or mean-spirited, but we are who we are, and no one else is until they can stand in that circle and know what “Unity with Pride!” truly means!)