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Newport News, Va. - The Fabulous Marching Cavaliers traveled 73 miles southeast to their second competition of this long day.  There was not a cloud in the sky allowing the Stargazer an unobstructed view of what proved to be the best performance to date.  


Stargazer performance - October 15th, 2016


The FMC was recognized with the following awards: 


First Place Overall - Group AAAA

First Place in the following individual catergories:


Drum line




General effect

Mechanicsville, Va. - On a bright sunny afternoon the stars were out as the Fabulous Marching Cavaliers took the field in their first performace of the day.  Their hardwork and dedication showed as they turned in an absolutely amazing performace.  This hardwork was reconized as they we honored with the following awards:   


Grand Champion - Groups A and AA 

First Place Overall - Group AA

And First Place in the following individual catergories:

Drum Major

General Effect





On Field: 7:45pm


Come see The Fabulous Marching Cavaliers put on thier first performace of thier show entitled "LaRosa."    



Stay tuned for pics and videos. Results will be posted below.


Stay tuned for pics and videos as well as the results!